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Latinaotearoa in Latinoamerica comes from a spiritual re-awakening and a passionate sense of pride. Fans will be taken into a welcoming fiesta of bossa nova, samba, afro-samba, salsa and even flamenco inspired rhythms. With this second album comes an improved sense of synchronicity amongst the trio – realised by an understanding of where they're from and a renewed focus for where they want to go. An essential addition for any lover of Latin music.

The group's trip to Brazil this year was more than just a tour. For Brazilian born Bobby Brazuka, Venezualan Jennifer Zea and Isaac Aesili, who is of Guyanese heritage, it was a pilgrimmage. They decided upon the approach for a new album, with Isaac and Bobby researching and composing new songs in the bustling metropolis of Sao Paulo. The seeds of the album had been sown.

Guests including hip hop artist Raiza Biza, Julien Dyne (Open Souls), Riki Gooch (Trinity Roots) and perussionist extraordinaire Miguel Fuentes, contribute to a timeless collection of tracks that tip their hat to traditional Latin and Brazilian music. The album, born in Brazil, recorded at Red Bull Studios in Sao Paulo and Auckland and mastered by Kelly Hibbert in Costa Rica, crosses paths, cultures and genres – it is quintessentially Latinaotearoa.

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