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The 8-track album was written in London at the start of the year after Nathan and his wife returned to the leaden grey skies and bone chilling cold of London after a wonderful holiday in their native New Zealand. The plan was to make an album representing Haines’ life in both the UK and New Zealand, something about the people in his life, and also detailing the sounds and feelings of living in one of the world's greatest and baddest cities.

“I first arrived in London in 1995 and played a gig on my very first night. I haven't stopped since. It's always a challenge - a great big beautiful, chaotic challenge that throws up all sorts of questions day in, day out. I'm still striving for excellence, for the unplayed phrase or the unheard chord change, or that indefinable feeling that only great music gives you. The streets positively throb with music around West London where I live,” says Haines.

After thinking about how he wanted the album to sound, Nathan contacted Marc Mac (one half of the UK production duo, 4hero). After writing music to beats courtesy of Marc, Nathan also contacted his old friend, New Zealand producer and DJ, P-Money who sent over a folder of beats, one of which was to become the album’s first single, ‘Count On Me’.

The catchy tune features Nathan Haines, Mike Patto, Vanessa Freeman and Nathan’s wife, Jaimie Webster Haines on vocals and is a fun and breezy track which is certain to be a hit this summer. ‘Count On Me’ will be serviced to New Zealand radio next week. Listen here.

Long-time friend and collaborator Mike Patto (who produced his last two records, THE POET'S EMBRACE and VERMILLION SKIES) was once again called upon for production duties. This time around however, the album’s production was done as a full co-production with Nathan and Mike sharing engineering and recording duties at Patto’s studio in rural Buckinghamshire where the duo spent over three months re-working, crafting and re-recording demos into final tracks.

When asked to describe 5 A DAY, Nathan says, “One way I can describe this album is to see it as a snapshot of where myself and Mike are at musically, and also as close friends and collaborators. We've played both huge and small stages together all over the world, we've swum in the sea in New Zealand, we've supped on caviar and champagne in Russia, played other-worldly gigs at legendary venues like Ronnie Scott’s, and partied our way through decades of music together. We completely trusted each other during the writing process, and we'd pursue an idea until it was either fulfilled or exhausted. And most importantly we had FUN. Massive amounts of it.”


  • 5 A Day
  • Madmazelle Midnight
  • Wait and See
  • Count on Me
  • Hidden Fortress
  • Got Me Thinking
  • Zoot Allure
  • Mastermind


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