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Duke Reid died from cancer in 1974 and his nephew, Errol Brown, who had been a junior engineer at Treasure Isle and who would go on to become one of the key engineers at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Studio, took over the studio controls. He mixed three dub albums at Treasure Isle that dressed down and dubbed up some of the best of the Bond Street catalogue. Snatches of the original vocals were woven in and out of mixes that sound as fresh and as vital today as they did when they were first released… both in their original sixties incarnations and their seventies counteractions.

‘Treasure Dub Volume One’ and ‘Treasure Dub Volume Two’ have been available in various incarnations ever since. However, ‘Pleasure Dub’, the best of the set featuring Errol Brown’s cuts to rock steady classics such as ‘The Right Track’ by Phyllis Dillon, ‘The Tide Is High’ and ‘Riding On A High & Windy Way’ from The Paragons and ‘Things You Say You Love’ by The Jamaicans has never been re-pressed since its initial release. ‘Pleasure Dub’ is a record we have wanted to release for a long, long time and we are all delighted to be able to finally add a Treasure Isle album to the Pressure Sounds catalogue.

In addition to the incredible music, re-mastered to our usual exacting standards, we have retained the original artwork for the front cover and added an array of fabulous Treasure Isle photographs and graphics assembled by our usual team of designers alongside detailed sleeve notes that place the music in its proper context. This exciting release, a must for your collection, takes you straight to the real roots of the music… back to Bond Street and those very first versions.

  • Tracking Dub LISTEN
  • Love Dub
  • Dub With Strings
  • Lift Off
  • Ride De Dub
  • Rema Skank
  • Bond Street Rock
  • Many Questions
  • The Attorney
  • Silver Hour
  • Twilight Rock
  • Dreads Leaving Babylon
  • Side Walk Doctor
  • I Shave The Barber
  • Barbering
  • Seven Eleven (7-11)
  • I See Your Face Version
  • Scrubit (featuring Lizzy)

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