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Stones Throw Records presents a glimpse into the lives and music of 16 unsung heroes of the late 60s and early 70s’ funk revolution from each corner of the United States. These are musicians that strove to achieve the success of The Meters and James Brown, musicians that played their instruments with a gut-wrenching power unheard in modern music, musicians that testified on wax and have resurfaced some thirty years after disappearing from the music scene. The intensity of their recordings has not lost one ounce of soul with the time passed. Now, finally, the meticulously researched The Funky 16 Corners stands as an historical document to this era in American music.

Given the extensive research that went into producing this compilation, we had to omit some great stories and artwork from our 16-page CD booklet and gatefold LP. Now, given the limitless space of the world wide web, we present long-form interviews, record scans and pictures of every member of The Funky 16 Corners compilation that we could track down. Dive into an amazing American musical era – when songs thrived on rhythm - when resilient, independent musicians financed their own insightful ventures and succeeded in producing slept-on masterpieces.

All interviews with the artists on The Funky 16 Corners were conducted by Egon.


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