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A stunning collection that sheds light on a pivotal yet totally overlooked area of American music - the influence of Afro-Cuban and Latin rhythms on R&B and Jazz during the mid-20th century. Following up on the success of our 'Jukebox Jam' album of vintage juke joint and bar room sounds, compiler and DJ Liam Large digs even deeper to put together a diverse set of dynamite R&B sides, all built around Afro-Cuban, Latin and Caribbean rhythms.

The Blues and it's populist sister Rhythm & Blues have been visited and revisited 100s of times on 1000s of comps, but the 'Spanish Tinge' has been completely overlooked, perhaps even scorned by purists. This album stands out from the rest and the result is a set which sounds stunningly fresh and unique - a remarkable achievement itself given that the actual songs average at around 60 years old.

'Jukebox Mambo' showcases an experimental era which continues to inform today's music, with Afro-Latin rhythms now completely assimilated into modern pop. The overtly sensual, exotic feel of many of these songs also continues to find an echo in modern music, and Jukebox Mambo provides a thrilling, sensual listening experience. Also included are detailed, illustrated liner notes which unveil the largely untold story of how Afro-Latin influences gradually affected Black American music during the 20th century, and in turn how this filtered into and transformed modern music thereafter.

Lovingly compiled, expertly annotated, with music as interesting as it is stimulating and arresting, 'Jukebox Mambo' is a new and exciting look at the era and music which changed history!

22 tracks with 16 page colour CD booklet with in-depth liner notes, 45 label scans and previously unpublished photographs
Deluxe double vinyl pressing with thick, glossy double gatefold sleeve with colour insert
Also available in super limited unique vintage album style 6 x 10" book set with unique artwork, colour insert and 4 bonus tracks!
Only on Jazzman - because WE DIG DEEPER!

1. Joe Lutcher - Ojai 2. Mable Scott - Fool Burro 3. Red Callender Sextet - Voodoo 4. Percy Mayfield - Louisiana 5. Larry Dale - Down In The Bottom 6. Dave Bartholomew - Shrimp & Gumbo 7. Danny Cobb - My Isabella 8. Marvin Phillips - Salty Dog 9. Fay Simmons - Big Joe Mambo 10. Gerald Wilson - Mambo Mexicana 11. Mad Man Jones - Snake Charmer 12. Lalo Guererro - Los Chucos Suaves 13. Sultans - Boppin' With The Mambo 14. Alfredito - Honeydripper Mambo 15. Annisteen Allen - Take A Chance On Me 15. Gloria Irving - I Need A Man 17. Billy Red Love - A Dream 18. Faye Adams - The Hammer 19. Elena Madera - Pu-Chun-Ga 20. Cozy Cole - Cozy & Bossa 21. Camille Howard - Shrinking Up Fast 22. Joe Loco - Why Don't You Do Right

Additional tracks ONLY available on 10" vinyl as part of the Jukebox Mambo Musical Book JMANBK.055:

1. Alfredito - Honeydripper Mambo Pt 2
2. Rollee McGill - Helena Mambo
3. Chuck Higgins - Dye Ooh Mambo
4. Rhythm Cats - Cool Caravan

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