Moisty Atsushi - Speedo



  • Moisty Atsushi - Speedo
  • Moisty Atsushi - Speedo

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Mosty Atsushi is known as the lead tiger of the Moisties. He has been passionately playing for years and has recorded in every corner of the globe - Argentina, France, America, Brazil and Japan. His travels have seen him collaborate with Jamaican legend Stranger Cole, and Chris Murray.

'Speedo' is full of authentic ska, rocksteady and reggae music. Written and recorded to blend in amongst all the classics of 1960's Jamaican ska.

Track one, two and five are recorded with 'Moistie Atsushi's Rocksteady All Stars' (Rawiri, Princess Heather, Leo Dub), as well as guest musician Claudia from 'Atsushi & the Mini Moisties'. All songs have a groovy rhythm, moody organ sounds, and have been traditionally recorded offering a unique sound that is bound to get you movin' and pining for more - keep an eye out for the upcoming album.

The rest of the tracks are jumpy ska songs. Track three and four were recorded at SAE Institute with Atsushi and The Mini Moisties (age between 9 to 13yo).

If you like original Jamaican music with a catchy beat and a positive vibration, 'Speedo' is the EP for you.

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